Parenting Coordination

Supporting parents to implement Family Law Court Orders 

working Together for your children

After the long (and likely very stressful) experience of going through the Family Court, you will have a set of Orders about the care and living arrangments of your children.

However, this set of Orders is not likely to magically improve your co-parenting relationship and communication. 

It’s often the day-to-day issues such as sharing children’s belongings,  changeover times and locations, or how to manage unexpected events that can leave you feeling as if the whole Court process was pointless. 

Instead of returning to Court, Parenting Coordination is a service that provides child-focused dispute resolution and parent education. It aims to help you work with the Orders that have been already been made, rather than go back to Court to change them. 

Parenting Coordination provides you with the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ skills in effective communication about their children’s needs and experiences, and can provide ongoing guidance about improving those skills over time. 

We will work together to manage disputes as they come up, helping you to come up with options and solutions that are workable for your children. 

A Parenting Coordinator can be  jointly appointed by parents or be included as part of Court orders. 

Parenting Coordinators are usually appointed for 24 months, giving plenty of time to learn new skills and ways of being in you’re coparenting relationship. I will meet with you on a monthly basis, or more often if needed. I will teach how to share information in a brief, businesslike and clear way, and offer ongoing feedback on this as you learn this new skill.

We can meet in person or via online video conferencing – so distance is no obstacle. 

The Parenting Coordination is non-confidential and reportable to the Family Court​ upon the request of one or both parents or the Family Court. 

The cost of engaging a Parent Coordinator is ususally much less than re-engaging a lawyer and following the path back towards adversarial litigation. 

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