Peer Supervision for Psychologists

Support for working with families in Family Law matters 

Working with separated parents and children? 

As mental health professionals, it’s not unusual to be working with children and their parents, and many of these will be separated parents who are sharing the care of their their children. What at first seemed like an straight-forward therapy case, can quickly turn into something much different.

Have you ever wondered:

  • What is Shared Parental Responsibility and what it means for my therapy?
  • Do I need Informed Consent from both parents?
  • What do I the ‘other’ parent contacts me and wants to talk to me or get a copy of my notes?
  • What do I tell my client if they want me to contact their lawyer?
  • Should I write a letter of support for my client if they tell me the children don’t want to see their other?
  • What do I do if my parent client wants me to contact their coparent and tell them about the child’s therapy?
  • Do I have to respond to a lawyer’s request for information?

These are just a few of the questions that can come up for psychologist’s working in the shadow of the Family Law.

I’ve been working in the Family Law area now for 12 years. I spent five years as a Family Consultant for the Family Court of Australia. Now in private practice, I have continued to work in Family Law as a Regulation 7 Family Consultant, providing Family Reports for the Federal Circuit Court and Single Expert reports.  I also provide Court ordered therapy for families and Parenting Coordination for parents. 

If you are seeking support to navigate your way through what can seem like a minefield, reach out, grab a cuppa, and let me help you work through the issues.

Separated parents

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