Are you looking for a psychologist in the Bangalow area? Are you thinking about reaching out for couples therapy?

Do you feel disconnected and alone in your relationship? Are you wanting to stop fighting and hurting each other? Are things like anxiety, depression and trauma getting in the way of you being in your relationship?

Are you struggling to find a healthy way of communicating with your ex about the kids? Are you going through a separation and are confused and unsure of your future?

If you are ready to work on creating a happy and healthy life,  then help is at hand.

I’m here to help.

For Your Relationships

For couples at all stages of your relationship and individuals wanting to learn how to be in a relationship

For Yourself

For adults of all ages – one-to-one counselling to help you think, feel and be better

Hi, I’m Terri

I’m Terri Kelly – a psychologist offering counselling for couples and individuals in Bangalow NSW. 

I work with people just like you. 

People who have experienced life – the ups, the downs and the in betweens. Our modern lives are busier than ever, and living well can seem overwhelming. If you feel stuck and not sure how to get past the overwhelm of you are feeling –  I’m here to help.

We can work together to get you from just surviving and coping to thriving and living the relationships and life you deserve.

Let me hold the hope for your future and share that with you.

My office is easily reached from Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore and the surrounding areas of the Northern Rivers.