Help for the Tough Times

Counselling for you, your relationships, your future

You might be new to counselling and are not sure what it is.

It’s a time for you to step away from your everyday life, to think about and focus on your own needs, in a safe and private place. Importantly, you won’t be judged and I will take care to understand and help you make sense of what seems to be so confusing. I can help you – to gently nudge you in a new direction. To think about a different way of seeing your problems. To find the opportunities inside the feelings of chaos and overwhelm.

 help for couples

Are you feeling disconnected and lonely in your relationship? Are you struggling with conflict and can’t seem to work out how to have difficult conversations? Maybe there has been a betrayal and you wonder if there hope for recovery.

help for individuals

Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed by life? Are you struggling with feelings of sadness, lonliness or grief? Have you experienced trauma in your past that doesn’t feel like it’s in the past? Maybe you have had a transisiton or change in life that has left you feeling ‘not yourself’.